Here’s something else that has been bugging me so I finally posted it at the WP Forums:


I’ve noticed for maybe a month or so now that copies of blog posts received by email no longer include the photos as subscriber-emails previously did. This is a terrible & discouraging development, if it was done on purpose by WP.com.

What happened to the photos-in-posts sent by email? WHY the depressing downgrade?

I subscribed to my own WP.com blogs because I LOVED receiving the PREVIOUSLY-beautiful email-copy of the blog post, just as it looked online, with ALL photos included in the emailed-post.

Now? Zilch! Nadda! NO photos in the email-subscription copies!

What’s the point of an EMAIL subscription when the BEST part of the content of the post (the photos) are missing?

If I did NOT want the photos in the email subscriptions I could go back to using YahooGroups! Is WP.com turning into YahooGroups? What gives?

I also noticed the FONT SIZE of emailed-subscription-copies of posts has been SHRUNK. Tsk tsk! Weasling everything down? Why? Us “old fogies” like LARGER FONTS. We also want to see our PHOTOS in the emailed-subscription copies.

Are these “new” backward/negative developments another way to pressure WP.com bloggers to upgrade to whatever/$$$?



So if I want emailed-copies of mine or others’ FULL posts, I’ll have to go TO the blog post online, select/copy the ENTIRE post, PHOTOS INCLUDED, & copy/paste it into a blank email & email a copy TO MYSELF. — Now THAT’s “efficiency” for you (not!)