P2 THEME Using Double Headlines Due to Mobile… 

P2 THEME: Using Double-Headlines Due to the “Forced” Mobile Version

I don’t know that this applies to ALL cellphones & ALL cellphone-browsers, but the mobile I’m using is not showing the posts’ headlines — even though I have the FORMAT DEFAULT set to STANDARD (not “Status”) in Settings/Writing, & in P2 “Theme Options” I have checked “SHOW POST TITLES.” Evidently, the mobile version ignores those two pre-set options. Grrr.

For that reason (no headlines in my mobile view), I’m putting the headline also in the body-text area.

If you’re on a Desktop, you’ll see the normal headline & also a 2nd one in the body of the post. (So why don’t headlines show up in mobile version? Or do they on your phone? Not mine.)

The TAGS window in the mobile home page of P2 also is not working. Oh, it lets you type in some tags & even acts like it saved them when you tap Submit. But if you go to Admin./Posts/Edit Post, it shows zero tags & you have to do them again.

Which brings me to another huge gripe re too many WP themes: They FORCE mobile versions on us without any way to exit/escape the mobile version. Grrr. P2 Theme included (even Blogger lets you escape their miserable mobile versions by changing the m-1 at the end of the URL to m-0).

Give me FULL SITES ANYDAY over mobile versions which leave out too many options/features/content of Full NORMAL Sites. We have Pinch & Zoom, remember? We can do Full Sites >> Always the Preferred Choice over mobile versions. So why are devs so mobile crazy & assume we all want mobile sites? Guess what? WE DON’T!